You get right down to the good stuff and start talking about real things.

I’m constantly chasing new experiences to channel that feeling. I’m always on the lookout for opportunities to be moved by other peoples’ stories. When we take the time to listen, dive deep, and share our own stories, amazing things happen.

You know that feeling when you’re traveling and you end up bonding with strangers on this incredible level that doesn’t seem to happen at home?

Party of V was created to do just that.

And, if you’re lucky, with a few new friendships. 

We’ll bust right through the surface stuff and focus on connecting with people from all different backgrounds. You’ll get to swap stories and experiences with people you might never have crossed paths with otherwise.

We’ll have some delicious food, fabulous drinks, and thoughtful conversation. You’ll walk out leaving an everlasting impact on other human beings.

Once a month, I’m bringing together a group of five open-minded people who don’t know each other for a curated dinner party.

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